your pain is My pleasure, your tears are My joy, you cry because you are overwelmed by My beauty and because you are privilidged to be at My mercy
- Quote by Mistress Tanya
Welcome to My world. It's a wonderful, some may say wierd, world; one with meaning, purpose and pleasure. I invite you into My world, a world full of guidence, obiedence, pleasure, pain, affection, respect and of mutual understanding.

I have been training as a professional Mistress for sometime now and have several regular subordinates who cherish time spent with their Mistress. I give them pain, I unleash their boundaries, they are mine to do as I please.

I offer a professional Mistress service in a safe, discrete and comfortable place in Leeds. I am available for both in-calls and out-calls. I am not an escort, nor am I a whore. I am a Mistress and the worthy will be My subs.

On My website you will find a list of services I offer, some of them specialised, and My rates reflect this. If there is something which you are interested in that is not listed you will get in touch and you can discuss this further with Me.

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Pandemos Female Domination